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Operation Swordstrike

Science Fiction - Action - Short Story


Project Vanguard Cover
Under The Skin Front Cover
The Prepper Cover

Project Vanguard

Under The Skin

The Prepper

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Operation Swordstrike

Cover Art

Not FInal


Stack of Books


An impressive and intense debut horror story from Chris, thrilling and chilling. He incorporates fear and suspense and a few surprises. A haunting scary story.

-The Prepper

Stack of Books

Waterstones Review

Fantastic story exciting plot twists. I couldn't put this book down. A must read people! Sheer brilliance I look forward to more from the author.

-Under The Skin

Stack of Books


 Chris has cleverly managed to create believable characters and build a nail-biting atmosphere that makes the reader eager to discover what will happen next. This is a great introduction to his writing, I look forward to the publication of his novel, ‘Under the Skin’

-The Prepper

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Chris Pease Author

Hey! My name is Chris Pease. I'm born and raised in the Lake District in Cumbria, United Kingdom. I'm a new author to the scene, I aim to write Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy novels. I'm a huge fan of stories with a heart, the kind of ones that really grab your attention and make you think. 

My inspiration for my work comes from the likes of books, video games and movies. Such as Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 book series, Alan Wake (I mean wow, what a game!) and Andrzej Sapkowski's, The Witcher.



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